Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Cascades of the Los Angeles Aqueduct

This are the cascades (man made), , that bring water into Los Angeles. This is on the edge of the City of Santa Clarita. It can be seen from the northbound I5 Fwy.


  1. Does your water come from the Colorado River?

  2. Interesting! I would have thought that it would be underground so it won't evaporate much. The water goes through a filtration plant after the cascades?

    Pardon my questions please. It's really just curiosity about places so different from the Philippines :)

    Welcome to the CDPB community! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Happy photoblogging!

  3. Abraham: Yes, the water comes from the Colorado river.
    Hilda: The water for los angeles does come through pipes from the Colorado River and a series of dams; What you see here has to do more with aesthetics, there is a pipe next to it that brings more water. I will post more pictures of this later on.

  4. Javier, I hope you will be careful on the freeway and that you were riding shotgun for this view! ;^) I was excited to see Santa Clarita come up in our list of cities a number of days back, and this is my first chance to visit since you started posting. Welcome to this fun group, and I hope to get by often to enjoy the view through your lens. It is fun to see the aqueduct from this vantage point (a common sight to me as I'm originally from SoCal and just got back from a visit there over the weekend). Best to you!
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  5. this water comes from high sierras - owens valley and mono lake